Stakeholder surveys

We performed two interview studies addressing the target group: drivers of CNG vehicles (public fleet, trucks and buses) to find out their attitudes to CNG/biomethane as a fuel, identify areas of improvement and to collect base data for follow-up studies.

The interviews with the drivers showed a broad knowledge about the benefits of biomethane compared to fossil fuels. Drivers of cars and light tracks were generally positive, but drivers of heavy trucks were more sceptical. The study showed that more filling stations, better supply reliability and systematic information efforts are needed to make CNG vehicles an attractive alternative for both companies and private motorists.

The second survey addressed stakeholders within the transport sector, transport buyers and municipalities and regional organisations. The results in the second study focused on how municipalities and regions have worked with societal change for the future, critical success factors for introducing CNG, learning and benchmarking to identify good examples.

The interviews with the stakeholders show a high level of knowledge, several advanced initiatives and high ambitions for increasing the levels of renewable fuels. The respondents agree that several alternatives of renewable fuels are needed to be able to reach their environmental goals. On the negative side, there is a low apatite for risk and a need of long-term political goals and regulations. State aid for investment is also needed, according to the interviewees.

The studies can be found here (only in Swedish):



Dare to be creative — Industrial Design schools

We wanted to involve creative students to help us better understand the focus of costumers. To do this, we asked the Institute of Industrial Design in Umeå and the Department of Industrial Design in Sundsvall for help. Their design students have presented proposals for filling stations that are appealing, easy to understand and self instructive.

The work of Sebastian Hägelstam, industrial design student from Sundsvall, has already attracted the attention of both organisations and companies within the CNG industry. His report outlines how a future filling station could look like. Read his report (only in Swedish)

Industrial Design schools
This is what they presented: