The plan was to improve the existing CNG-filling station and build an LNG backup close to the biomethane production plant but our goal for Skellefteå was exceeded.

In addition to the initial plans, they took the opportunity to build another filling station when this option arose. The city now has two public filling stations and a third one within the production plant area, close to the LNG backup.

1 million litres!

In 2014 Skellefteå hit a record. The amount of biogas equivalent of 1 million litres of diesel was sold. This was celebrated in December. The first 10 visitors received a free refuelling and everyone received coffee and cinnamon buns.

“It has been an amazing journey. Since January 2008 and up until now, our production of biomethane has saved almost 13 million kilograms of carbon dioxide in Skellefteå. In addition, biomethane reduces emissions and gives us a cleaner city air”
Ola Burström, chairman of the technical committee in Skellefteå