What we have achieved

The BioGaC Guide

This 18-month project achieved amazing results. The BioGaC Guide is the result of the knowledge we collected through lively dialogue among the partners in the project but also with the industry in Sweden and in Europe. This accumulated knowledge is based on our own construction experience that required all technical aspects to be matched with several parallel steps. It provides anyone interested in starting a methane filling station with suggestions, good examples, useful facts and checklists, and it is written and designed to be both accurate and appealing.

View the guide here.


Building CNG filling stations and preparing for new ones

We have built and improved CNG filling stations and a LNG backup station, and we have prepared the market for even more stations to come. This has also solidified support for the development of biomethane as a fuel throughout Europe. Our network working with biogas in northern Sweden has grown stronger and expanded but we have also met new partners in Europe and started to collaborate with them.