Step by step

The process of building a filling station for CNG and LNG can be more daunting than you might think at the outset. Several steps have to occur in parallel — and those involved who have the most to gain need to take the first step.

In addition to the purely technical aspects, many pieces also have to fall into place. Our “game plan” provides an overview of the entire process for opening a CNG or LNG filling station, though there is no absolute timeline for or order in which things should be done.

Four big steps and many small ones
Before ordering your filling station, there are many details you need to consider and have control of. These include activities and benchmarks for your project. This work can be divided into four steps:

  • Building support
  • Feasibility study
  • Financing
  • Getting started

Pause & reflect  
After every main step, you and your partners should stop and reflect. Do you still want to and are able to continue building a CNG/LNG filling station?

We have compiled a Checklist so you can tick off the important points after each step.

Navigate the game board by clicking the green dots to the left.

Building support
Feasibility study
Getting started